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UFO Series Continues
Thursday, 01 August 2019,  6:00 -  8:00

UFO Series Hosted by Schroeppel Historical Society The 4-Part UFO Series, hosted by Schroeppel Historical Society and presented by Keith Conroy, continues with the topics of crop formations on Thursday, August 1; and alien abductions, on Thursday, August 8. “Crop Formations: Past and Recent,” includes scientific data relating to their formation and numerous aerial photos of this phenomenon around the world and in central New York. “Alien Abductions” includes scientific research to support the validity of these events, and a one-hour video of the famous Travis Walton abduction. Mr Conroy is a retired electrical engineer who has worked for the Department of Defense. He is currently involved in UFO investigation and the MUFON organization. He is very knowledgeable, and gives an effective presentation on the subject. The first two sessions included audience participation, and investigative techniques and tools, as well as causes for mis-identifications. The Schroeppel Historical Society is located at 486 Main Street in Phoenix. Admission is $5.00 per session. Refreshments courtesy of Schroeppel Historical Society members. The building is air-conditioned.

Location : Schroeppel Historical Society, 486 Main Street, Phoenix