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The Shape of Things: Mixed Media by Cala Glatz
Saturday, 02 November 2019, 10:00 -  4:00


Cala Glatz was born into a family of makers: carpenters, gardeners, farmers, and artists--people who were always working with their hands, creating and shaping the world around them. These people instilled in her a love of and appreciation for nature, and the joy and satisfaction that comes from a hard day's work on something you care about. Cala took these lessons with her to study at SUNY Oswego, where, between 2002 and 2011, she earned a BA in English Literature, as well as a BFA and MA in Graphic Design. Her love of both images and the written word has proven to be a perfect fit for a career in graphic design, where conveying messages and telling stories is an everyday task. The formal training she received in drawing, printmaking, photography, sculpture, and ceramics greatly influences her design and digital aesthetic and leads to a variety of styles, layers, colors, and textures--everything that makes visual communication tick. Recently, Cala has shifted her focus to painting. After spending a year as an apprentice at Pike Stained Glass in Rochester, NY, she learned how to restore and build stained glass windows. Working in the city also led to a greater interest in structures and materials, and ideas about how humans make spaces, or make spaces accessible, and how often the structures we build will outlive us. Even though we know we, as humans, are temporary beings, how often do we really think about what we are leaving behind? Influences include but are not limited to: literature (Margaret Atwood, Toni Morrison, Cormac McCarthy), other artists (David Lynch, Van Gogh, Naomi Okubo) and musicians (Tom Waits, Regina Spektor, Elvis Costello), this incredible planet, the thing that keeps us alive, and the incomprehensible amount and variety of life that it hosts: you could devote a lifetime of study to any one area and still only learn a fraction of what this world has to offer.

Location : SUNY Oswego Tyler Hall Art Gallery