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Emalee Herrington Album Release Party
Sunday, 01 December 2019,  1:00 -  5:00


Tickets are ready for purchase! The ticket includes your meal as well as some additional entertainment and your chance to purchase the entire EP and other Emalee Herrington Music Merchandise.  Tickets are $15. Most importantly it's a chance to mingle with me and hear live performances!  The event is kid friendly (Kids 10 and under are free!)
I hope to see you all there! We also have shirts for presale right now, $12 prepsale.
After and during the show they will be $15.

If anyone is interesting in purchasing a ticket they can head to my Facebook @EmaleeHerringtonMusic or my Instagram @Emaleeherringtonmusic and send me a message or comment on one of the many posts where people can order tickets and we will put them on our list!

Location : The American Foundry, 246 W Seneca St, Oswego, NY 13126