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Parade of Trees
Monday, 02 December 2019, 10:00 -  3:00

parade of trees

This year is the 31st year of the Friends of History in Fulton’s Parade of Trees! In 1988, the last payment was made on the mortgage for the J.W. Pratt House. At that point, the Board of Directors for the Friends of History felt that it was time to show the community how much they were appreciated for all their hard work and effort in saving the Pratt House. That decision marked the birth of the Parade of Trees. The board decided that an event with beautifully adorned trees decorated by local participants of the community would be a wonderful way to display and express gratitude. Ever since, every year, the halls of the Pratt House are decked with trees that are brought in and decorated by participating schools, non-profit organizations, and not long ago, it was opened up to businesses in the community. Those who visit to view the amazing showcase of trees vote on their favorite one. The non-profit winners receive a cash prize.

Location : Pratt House Museum , 177 South First St., Fulton, NY.