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Native New York Exhibition
Tuesday, 02 November 2021,  9:00 -  3:00

09 Elli Lisa Seppi

The "Native New York" exhibition highlights the aesthetic diversity and dynamic character of contemporary Haudenosaunee art through a range of media including beadwork, ceramics, drawing, painting, photography, and sculpture. Collectively, the artwork in the exhibition underscores the artistic breadth, creativity, and resilience of Haudenosaunee artists and gives voice to their individual experiences. The exhibition also takes a closer look at the ongoing legacy of Haudenosaunee art and culture, examining both sources of inspiration and resistance including diplomacy and treaties, cultural knowledge, oral history, connections between land, place and identity, and the importance of community and family. Opening receptions is 5-7, October 8. Exhibit on display through November 14.

Location : TAG@ Tyler Hall, SUNY Oswego