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Memorial parade in Fulton
Saturday, 27 May 2023,  9:00 - 10:00


The Fulton Memorial Day Salute Rides, courtesy of Ontario Amusements open on May 26. Continuous ride passes can be purchased for $20 per person on May 26. On May 27, continuous ride passes can be purchased for $25 per person and lasting the entire day. Individual tickets will still be available at all times. The annual parade, anchored by the Parade Traffic Committee, starts at 10AM on May 27. With live entertainment (headlined by Scars N' Stripes), food and fireworks, this festival offers something for everyone! Check out the salute's schedule of events that's included with the pictures attached to this post. Special thanks to Blue Moon Grill for sponsoring this release.

Location : Fulton memorial day Parade route
609 W Broadway
New York
United States