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Andrew Schartner storms to second career Oswego Small Block Classic title

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Andrew Schartner enjoys the spoils of victory after claiming his second career Bud Light Small Block Supermodified Classic title Saturday. Andrew Schartner enjoys the spoils of victory after claiming his second career Bud Light Small Block Supermodified Classic title Saturday. Bill Taylor photo

     Andrew Schartner joined an elite list of multi-time Bud Light SBS Classic champions Saturday night, Aug. 31, at Oswego Speedway.

     Schartner started the 75-lap Classic event from pole position in the Crow Motorsports N0. 18, falling briefly to third before avoiding a crash with race leaders JJ Andrews and Mike Bond, then held off Russ Brown to join Dave Cliff, Bond, and Brown as the only drivers to win Oswego's pinnacle Small Block event more than once.
     After jumping out to the early lead, Schartner dropped to third on lap 22 while trying to negotiate the lapped cars of Greg O'Connor and Andy Noto, actually skipping a wheel from the O'Connor No. 90. Andrews and Bond would storm to the point, but just one lap later Noto spun in front of the race leaders blocking the racing surface and collecting both Andrews and Bond in the second turn.
     Schartner would inherit the lead on the restart and was never again seriously contested on his way to the $2,200 victory presented by Bud Light.
     Brown, Kreig Heroth, Jack Patrick and Jason Simmons completed the top five Classic finishers Saturday night.
     "I am so happy for my guys overall, this is big especially with the season we have been having," Schartner said in Turning Stone Resort and Casino Victory Lane. "The car was good after that bottle up here on the front stretch. I don't know what happened with that. I know the No. 90 went low to give me the lane and I think the No. 19 went high to go around him and take advantage and it caused a sticky situation. It was unfortunate because JJ (Andrews) has had a really good year, Mike (Bond) also and I wanted to win by outrunning those guys."
      Schartner and Simmons started the 75-lap Classic event from the front row with Schartner shooting out front pulling third place starter Andrews with him at the drop of the Cam's NY Pizzeria green flag.
     Bond started outside of the second row in the Four Sevens No. 74 and made quick work of Simmons early on to drive into the third position in turn three. From there Schartner, Andrews, and Bond blasted out front in tow leaving the rest of the field behind.
     An early caution at lap 10 for Zach Amo saw multiple cars run into issues and head pit side including Chris Proud, Mike Bruce, Dalton Doyle, O'Connor and AJ Bernys. Bruce would be done for the evening in the HRW Construction No. 22.
     The restart order showed Schartner leading Andrews, Bond, Simmons, Brown, Brian Sobus, Jeremy Pitcher, Rob Pullen, Heroth and Patrick.
     On the restart, the lead trio again checked away from the field leaving a tight battle between Simmons in the No. 11 and Brown in the No. 13 for fourth and fifth on the Speedway.
     By lap 20 it became clear that lapped traffic may play a key role and on the next circuit Schartner pulled directly onto the back bumper of O'Connor and Noto.
     In trying to make a move around the lappers, Andrews and Bond were able to take advantage, driving underneath Schartner on lap 22 to head to the top of the field.
     Andrews would now have to work traffic, in particular the No. 19 of Noto.
     Just one lap later, with the passing flag in the air, Noto looped his machine heading into turn one directly in front of the top three racecars. Leader Andrews had nowhere to go, slamming into the left side door of Noto with Bond climbing Andrew's left rear sending him flying over the top of Noto into the outside wall.
      Schartner managed to stop his racecar to avoid the incident in the No. 18, putting him back to the head of the line.
      Andrews was able to rejoin the field at the tail side of the pack, but Bond took on considerable damage and was hooked off the Speedway.
     The new restart order had Schartner on top once again with Simmons now the runner-up ahead of Brown, Sobus, Pitcher, Pullen, Heroth, Patrick, Danny Abt and Anthony Losurdo.
     This time as the green flag flew Schartner was able to extend his lead without pressure as Brown was having a hard time working the Simmons No. 11 for second.
     As the laps ticked away passed halfway Schartner built a full straight away lead on Simmons and Brown leaving a great battle further back between Sobus, Pitcher, Pullen, Heroth, Patrick, Losurdo and Abt all racing in a tight line for positions four through ten.
     Brown was finally able to work Simmons on lap 39, pulling away immediately, trying to chase down the large advantage that Schartner was able to build. At this point Brown was turning faster laps than Schartner, but needed to overcome the large deficit.
     Brown got some assistance at lap 51 for a spin on the front straight for Zach Amo that brought out the caution drawing Brown up onto the back bumper of Schartner for another restart.
     Simmons, Sobus, Pitcher, Pullen, Heroth, Patrick, Losurdo and Abt would trail as the race came back to green.
     With green lights on again Schartner and Brown showed their muscle leaving the rest of the field in their wake, but in a tremendous battle between themselves.
     Heroth came to life at lap 55, diving underneath Pullen for the sixth position down the front stretch and the former track champion would not stop there.
     Next for Heroth would be Pitcher at lap 58 for fifth before charging under Sobus for fourth on lap 60 in turn three.
     As the front two continued to pull away with 15-laps to go, Patrick began to take a page out of Heroth's book slicing his way through the pack. Shortly after Heroth worked by Simmons for third, Patrick drove by Sobus for fifth and just two laps later found the room underneath Simmons to work to fourth.
     As the race behind the leaders truly began to heat up, Schartner and Brown continued to speed away with Schartner streaking across the line for his second career Bud Light SBS Classic crown in three years at Oswego Speedway.
     Heroth, Patrick, Simmons, Pullen, Sobus, Abt, Jon Tesoriero, and 15-year old Losurdo would fill the top 10 at race's end.
     With a second place effort in the 2013 Classic, Brown is still in search of win number one this season.
     "We just were way too tight," Brown said. "I thought when the fuel load burned off we would free up, but we missed it a little. Congratulations to Andrew though, he has had a great year."
     Heroth drove the No. 04 through the field for a podium finish.
     "My guys gave me a heck of a car," Heroth said. "It motivates me when other people here say that we don't have a chance, and you know here we are. I wish we had a caution there once the fuel load burned off, because once that happened we could turn in the middle and drive under everybody. I feel really good about the race in a couple weeks and our goal is to try and keep attracting Supermodified teams, that is my dream, and that is where I want to be."
     Jack Patrick's fine fourth-place finish earned him the White's Car Care 4th place award as well as the D&S Landscaping Hard Charger Award coming from 15th on the grid.
     Jon Tesoriero would go on to collect the Nice Price Auto Sales Up and Comer, while Schartner earned the Sherwood Racing Wheels Lap Leader Award.
     Danny Abt would go on to become the Mike Kapuscinski Memorial Rookie of the Race award winner, earning a check for $125.
     Zach Amo won the Bud Light SBS consi to gain entry into the main event along with Stan Gates.
     Bubble car Dennis Rupert would also make the event as Barry Kinglsey ran into transmission issues during the warm-up laps.

Oswego Speedway

Saturday, Aug. 31
Budweiser International Classic Weekend – Bud Light 'Super Saturday'


Pathfinder Bank SBS Series
Bud Light SBS Classic (75 laps): 1. 18-Andrew Schartner, 2. 13-Russ Brown, 3. 04-Kreig Heroth, 4. 9-Jack Patrick, 5. 11-Jason Simmons, 6. 2-Rob Pullen, 7. 6-Brian Sobus, 8. 57-Danny Abt, 9. 47-Jon Tesoriero, 10. 1-Anthony Losurdo, 11. 93-JJ Andrews, 12. 77-Cameron Rowe, 13. 14-Jeremy Pitcher, 14. 3-Chris Proud, 15. 27-David LaTulip, 16. 86-Bryan Haynes, 17. 44-Zach Amo, 18. 01-Dalton Doyle, 19. 07-Rob Humphrey, 20. 24-AJ Bernys, 21. 67-Tim Barbeau, 22. 99-Dennis Rupert, 23. 28-Stan Gates, 24. 90-Greg O'Connor, 25. 74-Mike Bond, 26. 19-Andy Noto, 27. 22-Mike Bruce


Sherwood Racing Wheels Lap Leader: 18 – Andrew Schartner


Nice Price Auto Sales Up and Comer: 47 – Jon Tesoriero


D&S Landscaping Hard Charger: 9 – Jack Patrick


White's Car Care 4th Place Award: 9 – Jack Patrick


Mike Kapuscinski Memorial Rookie of the Race: 57 – Danny Abt


Bud Light SBS Classic Consi (12 laps/2 Qualify): 1. 44 – Zach Amo, 2. 28 – Stan Gates, 3. 99 – Dennis Rupert, 4. 69 – Dennis Richmond, 5. 43 – Will Hadcock, 6. 24 – AJ Bernys

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