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Bond Steals 42nd Career Feature Win in Spring Championship

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Bond Steals 42nd Career Feature Win in Spring Championship Bob Clark photo

Mike Bond is the all-time winningest driver in the Pathfinder Bank SBS division at Oswego Speedway and last night he showed why after bouncing back from a crash on Opening Night to outduel Dan Kapuscinski for victory in the 30-lap ‘Spring Championship’ presented by A&P Auto Parts.

Dalton Doyle and Kapuscinski lead the field to green with Doyle edging out in front of Danny K’s Joe Gosek throwback No. 00M to take the lead on lap 1.

Fourth starting Bond followed Kapuscinski on the high road to clear the No. 22 of third starting Mike Bruce going into turn one with fifth starting Barry Kingsley, seventh starting Camden Proud, ninth starting Jack Patrick, and tenth starting Anthony Losurdo all making quick work of Cameron Black who started sixth in the No. 23 machine.

Proud began to work on Kingsley for fifth with Losurdo just behind the No. 54 in the sixth spot and beginning to challenge on the high side. The two battled side by side for two laps before Camden tried to make a low side move on the No. 91 heading into turn three and ended up against in the inside hub rail, ending his day early in the main event.

On the restart, Doyle continued to lead Kapuscinski with Bond right there to challenge for third, Bruce in fourth, and Losurdo had since worked his way around Kingsley on the high side to get up to fifth before then driving under the Bruce No. 22 to take fourth.

Kapuscinski tried the low side move on Doyle for several laps while also being forced to fend off a hard charging Bond on the top side, before finally making the move to take the lead heading into turn number three at the completion of lap 12.

Two laps later, the Black car was sent around going into turn number one causing Cameron to find the inside hub rail and go off on the hook.

At halfway, Kapuscinski lead Bond, Doyle, Losurdo, and eleventh starting Russ Brown, who worked all the way up to the fifth spot.

Bond continued to challenge Kapuscinski for several laps before wrestling the lead away on an inside move off turn four to complete lap 17. At the same time, Losurdo and Brown had worked under the Doyle No. 01 to take third and fourth.

The yellow flag was in the air again on lap 19 for Tyler Shullick, who flew in from Texas just to make the Pathfinder Bank SBS feature and had cracked the top ten before blowing up with eleven laps to go.

For the final ten laps, it was all Bond as he checked out while Missile Motorsports teammates Kapuscinski and Losurdo battled with the No. 1 machine of ‘Hawk’ taking away the second spot on lap 22.

Bond went on to his 42nd career feature win ahead of Losurdo and Kapuscinski on the podium, Brown fourth, Doyle fifth, and last week’s feature winner Dave Cliff charged from twelfth to sixth in the Barbeau Racing No. 50.

“You have to take advantage when you have a good starting spot and I figured we would have a good one this week,” Bond said in victory lane. “It was close racing, I want to thank my guys for all the hard work this week. It takes a lot to get it back out after a bad wreck like that and also thank you to my car owner Denise for giving me everything I need.”

Losurdo was the D&S Landscaping Hard Charger Award winner for his impressive run for tenth to second, turning some of the fastest laps of the feature event in the Route 1 Mafia machine.

“It’s hard to beat Mike Bond when he starts in the top five,” Losurdo stated. “He’s the best one to ever drive one of these cars so hats off to those guys. It looked like they were a little quicker than us. That’s two weeks in a row we’ve had to come from pretty deep in the field and we ended up on the podium so I can’t thank my guys enough. We’re knocking on the door”

Kapuscinski, the speedway veteran and former PR director drove a fantastic race to finish in the third spot and believe it or not, was the Lighthouse Lanes Up and Comer Award Winner for his efforts. There’s no question that the No. 00M will be a major contender this season.

“Dan Dennie, Ralph, Jack, Mark, and Jim did a fantastic job fixing this thing after that wreck last week,” Kapuscinski mentioned. “I get to come up here and have fun again and it feels really good. I’m still waiting to win one of these things and I thought we had a good chance tonight, but it’s tough when the 1 and the 74 are behind you.”

Completing the top ten in the 30-lap ‘Spring Championship’ were Kingsley in seventh, Patrick in eighth, David LaTulip in ninth and Cameron Rowe in tenth. Ray Sand Jr, Greg O’Connor, Mike Bruce, and rookies Josh Sokolic and Tim Glidden completed the running order when the checkered flag was thrown.

Winning heat races to start off the evening were Patrick, Bond, and Losurdo.

Oswego Speedway gets right back to it this coming Saturday, June 16 when Burke’s Do It Best Homecenter and Bosco’s presents Novelis Supermodified Twin 35’s plus Autograph Night and a Pathfinder Bank SBS 30-lap main event. General admission is only $20 with kids 16 and under still FREE. Autographs will take place at 5:15pm with heats going green at 6:45pm.

For more information on Oswego Speedway, be sure to visit online at You can also FOLLOW on Twitter @OswegoSpeedway or LIKE on Facebook at

Saturday, June 9, 2018: A&P Auto Parts ‘Spring Championship’

Feature (30-laps): 1. 74 Mike Bond, 2. 1 Anthony Losurdo, 3. 00M Dan Kapuscinski, 4. 13 Russ Brown, 5. 01 Dalton Doyle, 6. 50 Dave Cliff, 7. 91 Barry Kingsley, 8. 9 Jack Patrick, 9. 27 David LaTulip, 10. 77 Cameron Rowe, 11. 71 Ray Sand Jr. 12. 90 Greg O'Connor, 13. 22 Mike Bruce, 14. 26 Joshua Sokolic®, 15. 94 Tim Glidden Jr.®, 16. 67 Tyler Shullick, 17. 32 Steve Flack®, 18. 23 Cameron Black, 19. 54 Camden Proud

Heat 1 (10-laps): 1. 74 Mike Bond, 2. 22 Mike Bruce, 3. 00M Dan Kapuscinski, 4. 23 Cameron Black, 5. 90 Greg O'Connor, 6. 32 Steve Flack ®

Heat 2 (10-laps): 1. 9 Jack Patrick, 2. 13 Russ Brown, 3. 50 Dave Cliff, 4. 91 Barry Kingsley, 5. 77 Cameron Rowe, 6. 94 Tim Glidden Jr. ®

Heat 3 (10-laps): 1. 1 Anthony Losurdo, 2. 27 David LaTulip, 3. 01 Dalton Doyle, 4. 54 Camden Proud, 5. 26 Joshua Sokolic ®, 7. 71 Ray Sand Jr.

Sherwood Racing Wheels Lap Leader Award: #74 Mike Bond

White’s Car Care 4th Place Award - In Memory of Tony White: #13 Russ Brown

D&S Landscaping Hard Charger: #1 Anthony Losurdo

Lighthouse Lanes Up and Comer: #00M Dan Kapuscinski

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