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Decoding Centro Bus Schedules (or how I learned to love public transportation)

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Decoding Centro Bus Schedules (or how I learned to love public transportation) Submitted photo

     After four years here at SUNY Oswego, I can finally say that I have figured out one of the most complex and complicated systems known to man: the Centro bus schedule. Okay, so maybe it`s not `the most complex` system in the world but it can still be pretty confusing, especially if you never had to deal with public transportation before.

     The Centro Buses are free for SUNY Oswego students traveling within Oswego. You can even go to Syracuse Destiny USA (huge mall) Thursday- Sunday for free! There are several different buses that go to various locations including Price Chopper, Walmart and various points around campus. It can get pretty tricky trying to figure out what bus to take but there are a few tips that make it a little easier.

     The main thing you need to know about the bus schedule is that it changes on the weekends. Make sure that that you are looking at the right day of the week otherwise you may end up sitting on the curb waiting with all your bags to go home until the bus actually comes- yes it is embarrassing. Also keep in mind that the p.m. times are bolded while a.m. times are in regular font.

     Another thing to pay attention to is making sure you're getting on the right bus. It seems obvious but it's a lot easier than you think to get on the wrong bus. The buses will have their destination on their electronic banner. If you're not sure you have the right bus, just ask the driver. It's always better to double check rather than walking 4 blocks in the rain with $60 of groceries because you got on the wrong bus.

     Each of the buses has certain routes they take. For the Syracuse and Mexico buses, the stops are a designated by a letter. When looking at the map, find which letter is closest to where you want to catch the bus. Then find that letter on the schedule and it will give you the approximate times that the bus will be there. For example, if you want to take the bus to Destiny USA from Campus Center on a Saturday, you look at the map for the Syracuse Bus 246. Then you look for the designated letter (in this case it's "M") and choose between the times 8 a.m., 10:40 a.m. and 4 p.m. When returning, you look at the Syracuse to Oswego schedule, designated by the letter C then choose between 10:39 a.m., 1:19 p.m. and 6:39 p.m., it will be the same 246 bus.

     The Oswego City bus and the Laker Shuttle are slightly different. The Oswego City bus's four routes to Walmart are: 1A- Walmart via route 104 East, 1B Walmart via East Avenue, 1 C Walmart via East Seneca St. and 1 D Walmart via Birch Lane. It also has four routes to campus; 2A College via Route 104 West, 2B College via West Seneca St., 2C College via West Utica St., and 2D College via Ellen St. So if you lived on West 6th St. and wanted to go to Walmart, you would take bus 1A. The Laker Shuttle has a similar system but also offers transportation on campus.

     All of the different buses make various stops in order to best serve the public. Here are all the buses and their stops:


♥ Mexico-Fulton: Campus Center, Oswego Rt. 104 & W. 1st St, Oswego Rt. 104 & George St., Walmart, Mexico Boces, Mexico Dept. of Social Services, Fulton-CCC at River Glenn Campus, Fulton Towpath Towers and CCC at Fulton-Broadway Campus


♥ Oswego-Syracuse 246: Campus Center, Oswego Rt. 104 & W. 1st , Oswego County Public Safety Bldg., Routes 57 &45, Fulton Towpath Towers, River Glenn Park-N-Ride, Phoenix-RT. 57 & Lock Street, Great Northern Mall, Seneca Mall, Regional Transportation Center, Destiny USA, Washington & Clinton Sts., Civic Center State & Madison Sts. Arrival Bay, Centro Trasnit Hub and Upstate University Hospital


♥ Oswego City: Campus Center, Sunrise Terrace, Downtown Rt. 104 & W. 1st, , Simeon DeWitt Apartments, Oswego County Office Complex, Birch Lane, Rout 104 & George St, Lowes, Walmart and Oswego County Health Center


♥ Laker Shuttle: Lowes, Walmart, Rout 104 & George St., Downtown Rt. 104 & W. 1st , Campus Center, New Campus and The Village


     Hopefully this helped clear up any questions you may have had on decoding the bus schedule. Never be afraid to ask someone for help or double check with the bus driver. Take full advantage of this free service. Go exploring around Oswego; you will be surprised how much this small city has to offer.


-Jessica Brenon, senior public relations major

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