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Art is Work: Painting and Writing by Ron Throop

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Art is Work: Painting and Writing by Ron Throop Submitted photo

     Please join us opening night, June 6, between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. for a painting exhibition at Zink Shirts at 19 E. Cayuga St. Ron Throop will have many new and some vintage work hung up for view or sale, and several published books available for purchase.

     Throop has been an active writer and painter for over 20 years. From an interview this winter about which artist and writer influences him the most, Throop said,
      "Henry Miller, for teaching me persistence and happiness in poverty. He had the desire and determination to express himself during a time in America when no fool got away with it for long. He kept at it, began in a maelstrom of confusion and struggled joyfully, without madness, toward a life worth living. I like to think that because of his autobiographical odyssey, I had a head start to my journey as a young father, and aspiring writer and painter. 'Make room for the life giving ones!' was one of Miller’s many mottos. Even at 25 I thought I could take up in wisdom where he left off in old age. That is, I welcomed failure as long as it delivered me time along with the muse to raise my daughters, write, and of course, paint.
     "A sense of history is important. Miller promised me private success if I persisted in my folly. I believed him then, and still do. Failure is the only success a painter should expect. I have had my share, but it just goads me to paint more. And more. Why not? At mid-life I strive to leave an overwhelming archive to my wife and children, and children’s children. Leave them a story of color and vibrancy.
     "Miller hawked his watercolors on the streets of Monterey. I hang my paintings out on a line in the country, like my laundry, and listen to the song of crickets. Hurray, I’m alive! Give me more paint!"
     Throop will also have barter opportunities available and present a lecture on Stuckism, the popular painting movement begun in England, becoming  international in scope over the past 15 years.
     The show runs from June 2 to June 30. Hope to see you there.


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