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Oswego Players to Rally For Rubber Chickens

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The Oswego Players will rally in support of rubber chickens on Sept. 4. The Oswego Players will rally in support of rubber chickens on Sept. 4. Submitted Photo

     For years the rubber chicken has been cooped up due to ridicule and taunts, but the  Oswego Players believe it’s time for the rubber chicken to finally be treated as an equal.

     The Players will conduct a rally in support of rubber chickens on Sept. 4 at 7 p.m. during the Farmers’ Market and end the rally by performing a scene from its upcoming production “Who’s On First?” at The River’s End Bookstore.

     “In this particular show, one of the central characters is a rubber chicken,” director Sherri Metz said. “Comedy, for years, has been represented by a rubber chicken. It’s an ancient vaudeville gag.”

     The production, which is based on Jack Sharkey’s work, features a rubber chicken; however, Metz decided to give the chicken the recognition that it deserves.

     “I decided to make the rubber chicken a character, a part of the cast,” Metz said. “He actually just got his head shot done.”

     But not all rubber chickens around the world have the pleasure of getting their head shots done, much less be the stars of a show. For this reason, the Players will march with picket signs in support of equality for all rubber chickens. 

     “They’re not equally represented, they don’t have equal rights,” Metz said. “Our signs will say ‘Rubber chickens are people too!’ or just something silly that brings attention to the rubber chicken because they’ve been unrepresented or kind of forgotten.” 

     Brian Pringle, who voices the magic lamp in the production, feels strongly about rubber chickens’ rights.

     “When it comes to chickens’ rights, we have to start from scratch,” Pringle said. “We’re hoping that if we can raise awareness, it will at least feather their nest. Although, I’m sure that at some point the critics will say that my performance will lay an egg. It won’t be anything to crow about.”

     The production will take place on Sept. 12, 13, 19 and 20, with a special matinee on Sept. 21. 

     Disclaimer: The Oswego Players will like to remind the public that absolutely no rubber chickens were harmed in the making of the play. However, Pringle also reminds all rubber chickens that “when you are a rubber chicken, you have to stick your neck out.” 

     “Right, they have to be flexible,” Metz said.

     “We don’t want our rubber chickens to be a flop,” Pringle said.

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