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Shullick Sets New Track Record, Scores Second Win of Season for Osetek Racing

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Dave Shullick Jr. of North Ridgeville, Ohio Dave Shullick Jr. of North Ridgeville, Ohio Bob Clark photo

After a turn three crash damaged the Osetek Racing No. 95 significantly back on July 10, Dave Shullick Jr. of North Ridgeville, Ohio unloaded with a newly repaired hot rod and had himself a night this past Saturday at the Oswego Speedway.

The 2017 Supermodified track champion set a new track record at a blistering 15.694 seconds, passed Mike Bruce for the win in the 45-lap Retro Night special presented by JP Jewelers, and in doing so re-took the points lead from Otto Sitterly.

It was Shullick’s second win of the 2021 season, his third with car owner Chris Osetek, and the twelfth of his career in the Novelis Supermodified division.

“I was taking my time tonight,” Shullick said. “The 22 was running really good, he kept getting a little loose, but I wanted to take it easy and not put the car somewhere I couldn’t get it out of. On the backstretch one lap, he got in a little high and that’s how I got him. I don’t know what the crew did with this car, but it's better after the crash. It's pretty awesome, it is probably the best car I’ve ever had here. We were getting into the corners a car length deeper than everyone else and I don’t know why or what the deal is. I came here today wanting to win it because I wasn’t happy with just one win this year. I felt like we would have a good shot at it tonight and we got it done. I hope there are more behind it. I just want to thank Chris Osetek, Brian Osetek, and the tire team Shawn, Jim, Matt, and everyone that puts in all the hard work. Cam’s Pizza, TJ Toyota, Jim Michael’s Motors for building one hell of a piece. I couldn’t do it without them. Thanks to Oswego Speedway and everyone that puts this on and to all the fans for coming out.”

Finishing in second was Supermodified Rookie of the Year leader and first-time feature winner this season, Mike Bruce, who kept Shullick at bay for a number of laps and finished in between the race winner and Hall of Famer Joe Gosek for another impressive podium finish.

“I don’t think there was a single car in the field that was going to hold off Dave Shullick tonight,” Bruce commented. “Hats off to them, they are on top of their program, have a great piece, and Dave is one hell of a driver. We had a good run, starting upfront the track position was good and my crew chief Bobby (Magner) is phenomenal. He gives us a great car every time we come here. I want to thank Rich for being a part of the Supermodified with me and all of the sponsors; Woodchuck Saloon, Bruce Electric, and everybody on the crew that helps us out. The guys that we’re working with here are a lot of fun.”

After running in fourth for the balance of the race, Gosek made an excellent move in traffic as the laps wound down to make it up to the third position. It was the first podium run of the season for the 41-year veteran.

“Everyone is going real fast. I started fourth and finished third and that is kind of the way it goes nowadays,” stated Gosek. “I think you’ve got three or four in a group and another ten in a group, and then Shullick is in a different World than all of us, so it is tough out there. If you can’t make a pass while in traffic and you’re out in the clear, it is really hard to pass.”

In observance of ‘Retro Night,’ the main event was shortened to 45-laps as was the distance of Supermodified features for so many years, and at the start, it was rookie polesitter Mike Bruce inching out in front ahead of Dave Danzer.

Third starting Jeff Abold got a nose underneath the Danzer No. 52 going into the first corner to take the number two spot.

Shullick, who started sixth, went by Dan Connors Jr, Gosek, and Danzer in the first two laps to move in behind Abold for second.

The yellow flag came out with four laps complete for a Keith Shampine spin that collected Jamie Timmons on the front stretch. Both cars were out for the night.

On the restart, Shullick found a way underneath Abold for the runner-up spot and began to reel in leader Bruce with only five laps in the books.

Meanwhile, Gosek, Connors, and Sitterly went to work, driving underneath Danzer to take over fourth, fifth, and sixth as the race neared ten complete.

On lap 10, Shullick really began to pressure race leader Bruce and would continue to do so for much of the race.

It took 15 laps, but ‘The Shoe 2’ made what turned out to be his race-winning, low-side move going into turn three and set sail out in front on lap 25.

On lap 30, the top five cars began to catch heavy-lapped traffic, with Gosek taking advantage of a slower car that bottled up Abold, going to the outside and moving into third.

Sitterly was next to use the lapped cars as a pick, going by Connors for fifth and Abold for fourth in the same corner in his charge from the tenth spot.

However, the caution flag was thrown the next time around when a blown left front tire led to a heavy, straight in-hit into the third turn foam for Sitterly on lap 31. Fortunately, Otto was not injured in the accident.

On the restart, Shullick simply ran away from the field as the top three of Shullick, Bruce, and Gosek began to spread out.

The battle was for positions four through six between Abold, Connors, and Tyler Thompson, but the field would stay in line for the remaining 14 laps as Shullick picked up the dominant win.

Rounding out the top five were Bruce, Gosek, Abold, and Connors with Thompson, Alison Sload, Brandon Bellinger, Michael Barnes, and Dave Danzer completing the top ten.

Tim Snyder, Lou LeVea Sr, and Hal LaTulip completed the on-track running order while Sitterly, the late-arriving Camden Proud, Shampine, and Timmons finished their evenings pitside.

Two cars did not start the feature, including the No. 89 of Todd Stowell with mechanical issues and the CraZ8 of Max McLaughlin, which was out before the heat races due to a blown engine.

Only two events remain in Oswego Speedway’s 2021 championship schedule and it continues this coming Saturday, August 15 as Barlow’s Concessions and A&P Auto Parts presents a full program for the Novelis Supermodifieds and Pathfinder Bank SBS plus the Sunoco New York Super Stocks Classic tune-up event.

Tickets are available online at

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JP Jewelers Retro Night

  • Novelis Supermodifieds
  • Saturday, August 7, 2021
  • Oswego Speedway
  • Oswego, NY

Feature (45-laps): 1. 95 DAVE SHULLICK JR, 2. 22 ® Mike Bruce, 3. 00 Joe Gosek, 4. 05 Jeff Abold, 5. 01 Dan Connors Jr, 6. 98T Tyler Thompson, 7. 39 Alison Sload, 8. 02 Brandon Bellinger, 9. 68 Michael Barnes, 10. 52 Dave Danzer, 11. 0 Tim Snyder, 12. 66 Lou LeVea Sr, 13. 56 Hal LaTulip, 14. 90 Jack Patrick, 15. 7 Otto Sitterly, 16. 54 Camden Proud, 17. 55 Keith Shampine, 18. 27 Jamie Timmons, DNS 89 Todd Stowell

Heat 1 (12-laps): 1. 52 Dave Danzer, 2. 95 Dave Shullick Jr, 3. 00 Joe Gosek, 4. 01 Dan Connors Jr, 5. 0 Tim Snyder, DNS 89 Todd Stowell

Heat 2 (12-laps): 1. 55 Keith Shampine, 2. 7 Otto Sitterly, 3. 05 Jeff Abold, 4. 39 Alison Sload, 5. 27 Jamie Timmons, 6. 90 Jack Patrick

Heat 3 (12-laps): 1. 98T Tyler Thompson, 2. 22 ® Mike Bruce, 3. 02 Brandon Bellinger, 4. 68 Michael Barnes, 5. 66 Lou LeVea Sr, 6. 56 Hal LaTulip

Group Time Trials: 1. 95 Dave Shullick Jr. - 15.694, 2. 02 Brandon Bellinger - 15.950, 3. 7 Otto Sitterly - 15.990, 4. 01 Dan Connors Jr. - 16.044, 5. 39 Alison Sload - 16.163, 6. 68 Michael Barnes - 16.168, 7. 00 Joe Gosek - 16.193, 8. 98T Tyler Thompson - 16.214, 9. 05 Jeff Abold - 16.228, 10. 89 Todd Stowell - 16.267, 11. 22 ® Mike Bruce - 16.270, 12. 55 Keith Shampine - 16.308, 13. 52 Dave Danzer - 16.372, 14. 90 Jack Patrick - 16.493, 15. 66 Lou LeVea Sr. - 16.674, 16. 0 Tim Snyder - 16.692, 17. 27 Jamie Timmons - 16.698, 18. 56 Hal LaTulip - 17.341

D&S Landscaping Hard Charger: #95 Dave Shullick Jr.

Lighthouse Lanes Up & Comer: #01 Dan Connors Jr.

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